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Producing handmade brass watercolour palettes.



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Roberson Style Paintbox



Roberson Style Paintbox with thumb hole#



Roberson Style Paintbox with finger ring#



Roberson Style Paintbox with flap wells



Roberson Style Paintbox with flap wells and thumb hole#



Roberson Style Paintbox with flap wells and finger ring#



Flat Roberson (no oval wells, please say if you would like dividers)



Flat Roberson with finger ring (no oval wells, please say if you would like dividers).



Spare Roberson Paintbox Palette Tray



Large Roberson Style Paintbox#



Spare Large Roberson Paintbox tray



FW Studio Palette



FW Studio Palette extra 10 pan tray



FW Studio Palette extra 20 pan tray



Binning Monro Style Palette#



Binning Monro Style Palette extra 14 pan tray



Plein Air Palette ##



Plein Air Palette with finger ring #



Plein Air Palette with Thumb Hole #



Plein Air Palette spare 15 full pan tray



305mm/12" Brush Tube



254mm/10" Brush Tube



Spare 16 pan palette tray for the Travel Palette



RAL colour option fee for any palette type



UK Delivery £9.95 (£4.95 for small items)  
Rest of the world Delivery. £28.00 (Less for small items) $37.00 (Less for small items)

#If you are choosing the thumb hole or finger ring option please let me know whether you are left or right handed.

## Plein Air Palette, please specify which layout you require, they're all the same price.

Please specify which colour you would like; Ruby Red, Honeysuckle, Cirrus, Satin Black, Dark Green, Dark Blue, Deep Maroon or a for a fee of £17($25) an RAL option from this chart.

Ordering a palette:
There is a waiting list for these boxes (currently around 7 months) so please just leave a deposit (non refundable) via the drop down menu below, then send me an email stating your order details. Please do not send the full amount until requested. I will then add you to the waiting list and let you know when to expect completion of your order. When it's time to complete payment I will send you a payment request.
I also accept cheques (UKP only, please make cheques payable to 'John Hurtley') or IBAN transfers, please contact me for details.

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